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General emulation and gaming
Abandonline.com English
AbandonRom Paradise English
AEP Emulation Page German
Alphaload DDL's German
AmiGames English
Angel Roms English
Computer EmuZone Spanish/English
EmuDimension English
Emuitalia Italian
Emulation Camp English
Emulators.cz Czech
Emula Zone English
EmuNews 24 German
Emu Russia Russian/English
Gamer-Force.de French
Game World Observer English
Mega ROMs 'n ISOs German
Mondemul.net French
Nexus Networks English
Power Emulation French
Puzzleroid.com English
ROM Base German
ROM Guy English
ROM's Unlimited German
Sean's Emu English
Unlimited Downloads German
Videogame preservation
8 Bit Museum German/English
Classic Consoles Center English
Classic Games Tribute English
Classic Zone German
Computer Classic Games German
Das virtuelle Computermuseum German
Dazeland French
Gamegrid German
Game Over Games German
Heimcomputer German
My Favourite Videogame English
Pixel-Wonderland German
Retro-Trader English
SHMUP - Shoot Them Up! French
System 16 - The Arcade Museum English
The Arcade Flyer Archive English
The Barrax Empire English
The Black Moon Project English
The Dot Eaters English
Triggerzone German
Atari related sites
Atari.org English
Atari Jaguar 64 German/English
Atari-Spielanleitungen German
GCE related sites
Classic Game Creations English
Spike's Big Vectrex Page English
Vectrex.nl English
Mattel related sites
The Intellivision Bodega English
Nintendo related sites
NES Center German
NES Games & Music English
SNES Games.de German
Nestalgik French
NEC related sites
Nec-Ro-Pole French
PC Engine Freak German
PC Engine.tk English
The PC Engine Software Bible English
Turbo 2k English
TurboGrafx.Net English
TurboPlay Magazines Archive English
Sega related sites
Mega Drive.de German
Sega-16 English
Sega Portal German
Sega Collectors Guild English
Sega Xtreme English
Game dedicated sites
Base Nectaris English
Bomb Jack German
Ghost 'N Goblins English
Outrun English
Space Invaders English
Splatterhouse English
Cover / Graphics / Sprites
Emugifs Italian
Emulator Covers English/German
Fenrir's Sprite Domain English
GIF Syndicate English
RetroCovers English
Sprite Rip City English
Developer sites
Atani Software (various) English
Songbird Productions (Atari software) English
Tim Meekins (retroDrive) English
Zeograd (Hu-Go!) French/English
Retro shops and services
80s Grooves English
Chronic Games English
Console Classix English
Console Passion Retro Games English
Gamers Galore English
Genki Video Games English
LowRez Fashion German
No More Blinking English
Rad Rowdies English
Retro Scene English
Misc sites
ArcadeZentrum German
A Shade Below English
Classic Game Remakes English
Emulation Brothers French
Fast Arcade English
Flash Game Junkie English
For Amiga Fans! English/German
Kultboy.com German
Mana Player French
MP3 Heaven German
NeedCheat.com English
Noodan English
Retro Remakes English
Retro RPG German
Videogame Ringtone Archive English
Zany Video Game Quotes English
Emulación sin secretos Spanish

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