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At Retrobase.net you will find all the information about the classic video games and retro consoles. Here you will be able to check all the important game details including screenshots, banners, release dates, platforms, developers, game genres and overviews.

If you're one of us and love the simplicity and nostalgic beauty of the retro-games and arcades, then you will enjoy going through our collection. We have classic games in genres like Action, Adventure, Arcade, Combat, Edutainment, Fighting, Gambling, Maze, Puzzle, Racing, RPG, Shoot 'em up, Shooter, Simulation, Sports and Strategy.

At Retrobase.net we make sure to collect the most reliable and detailed information and preserve the vulnerable data about the classic games, that can be otherwise lost forever. But not when we are in charge! We will keep the crucial info even about the discontinued and obsolete games for as long as we can.

Check out the menu on the left-hand side to read the reviews of the games released by developers such as Atari, Bandai, Coleco, Mattel, Nintendo, Sega, Watara and many others. You'll have an opportunity to browse and choose the games by the platform, device and even to have a good look at different game consoles and see their retail prices and detailed specifications.

Love Mario Bros, Pac-Man, Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog? Then you are in the right place to learn more about your favourite video games and discover hundreds of others. Starting from the 1960s and going into early 2000s, Retrobase.net has it all in one place. We are proud to keep one of the most complete retro game databases online to date. It might not be 100% full, which is a nearly impossible task, to be honest, but we make sure that Retrobase.net has more information than anyone else on the Internet.

Our "Video Games Museum" is a perfect place for the classic gamers and old-schools game lovers to get all the info and even have a chat with like-minded gamers on our forum, the new version of which is going to be released soon.

On Retrobase.net website you can also search for all sorts of relevant websites, banners and awards and find the links to general emulation and gaming sites, video games preservation communities and forums, retro game and console shops, online retailers and multiple developers in one handy place. There are resources in different languages including English, German, French, Russian and Spanish.

For the last 16 years, we've been here to preserve the classic retro video games; and we are here to stay and keep expanding our game library for years to come. If you're struggling to find the game you are looking for, simply use our search bar or go trough the FAQ section.

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