Nintendo Super Famicom / Super NES - Summary
Number of games: 1954
Homebrew games: No
Hacked games: Yes
Unreleased games: Yes
This is by far the greatest section at RETROBASE.NET and nearly complete (about 98%) with only newer dumps missing. Unfortunately, the database is still quite a mess and should be considered 'beta'.
Screenshots and database for this platform originally created by:

AciDSKunK (Screenshots 'Z')  

Alucard (Screenshots 'P')  

Chris (Screenshots 'Q')  

Curt Mason (Screenshots '0-9')  

Cybex (Screenshots 'I')  

DedalO (Screenshots 'H')  

Exodus (Screenshots 'A, J')  

Ken (Screenshots 'R')  

Mark (Screenshots 'J, U')  

Mech Warrior (Screenshots 'C, L')  

Mike Haggar (Screenshots 'B, K, T, U, Y')  

OtaQ (Screenshots 'B, O')  

Paranoiak (Screenshots 'E, F, L, P, R, S, U, Y')  

RustY (Screenshots 'K, M' / Database [part of it])  

Senlui (Screenshots 'G')  

Spokehedz (Screenshots 'H')  

Tech Knight (Screenshots 'D, N, T')  

The White Werewolf (Screenshots 'X')  

Vandal (Screenshots 'V')  

Victor (Screenshots 'S, W')  

Zechs (Screenshots 'L')  

Updates, additional screenshots and research done by: